Network Port Create VLAN

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Create Network Port VLAN.

For tagged VLANs you can create custom virtual interfaces in QuantaStor using this dialog. QoS stands for Quality of Service, 0 is the default and is 'best effort' followed by 1-7, 1 being the lowest, 7 the highest.

NOTE: VLAN interfaces cannot be created on top of bonded interfaces, virtual interfaces, or other VLAN interfaces. So if you see a ":", a "." or the word "bond" in the name of the interface it is not suitable for creating a VLAN interface on top. You should also have a valid IP address assigned to the underlying physical port before creating a VLAN. For example, if you're going to create VLAN eth0.5 be sure to assign an IP address to eth0 first. If you don't want any traffic to flow to the eth0 interface you can assign it an IP address to a network that is not in use. (perhaps something like:

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> Network Ports --> Create VLAN Port (toolbar)

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