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Connect a single physical port to multiple networks.

In QuantaStor, a virtual interface (VIF) is a software-defined network interface that can be created on top of a physical network interface. The purpose of creating a VIF is to enable the storage system to use multiple IP addresses and network configurations on a single physical interface, which can help optimize network traffic and improve network redundancy.

Some of the key purposes of creating a virtual interface in QuantaStor are:

  • Network Segmentation: VIFs allow you to segment your network traffic into different virtual networks, which can help improve network security and manageability.
  • Load Balancing: With multiple VIFs created on a single physical interface, you can balance network traffic across multiple IP addresses, which can help avoid network congestion and improve performance.
  • Network Redundancy: VIFs can also provide network redundancy by allowing multiple IP addresses to be assigned to a single physical interface. If one IP address or network configuration fails, traffic can be automatically rerouted to the backup IP address or configuration.

Overall, the purpose of creating a virtual interface in QuantaStor is to provide more flexibility and control over network traffic and configurations, helping to optimize network performance, security, and reliability.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage Systems --> Network Port --> Create Virtual Port (toolbar)

For additional Information see Administrator Guide, Virtual Port Configuration.

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