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Create an alias or alternative name for a network share.

The "Create Network Share Alias" feature allows you to create an alias or alternative name for a network share. The purpose of creating a network share alias in QuantaStor is to provide a more user-friendly or recognizable name for accessing and referencing a shared folder on the network.

The main purposes and benefits of creating a network share alias in QuantaStor include:

  • Simplified Access: By creating an alias for a network share, you can simplify the process of accessing the shared folder. Instead of using a complex or lengthy share name or path, users can use the alias to quickly navigate to and access the shared data. This can be particularly helpful when sharing the network share with non-technical users or when dealing with long and convoluted paths.
  • Improved Readability: Network share aliases allow you to assign names that are more meaningful and descriptive, making it easier for users to identify the purpose or content of the shared folder. Instead of relying on cryptic or system-generated names, you can create aliases that align with the function or context of the shared data, enhancing overall readability and user understanding.
  • Enhanced Usability: Network share aliases can improve the usability of the shared folder, especially in scenarios where the network share may be accessed from multiple systems or platforms. Users can simply refer to the alias regardless of the specific path or network address, streamlining access and reducing the chance of errors or confusion.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: The ability to create network share aliases provides flexibility when managing and organizing shared resources. If the underlying storage infrastructure or paths change, you can update the alias without impacting the users or their access to the shared folder. This flexibility becomes particularly valuable in scenarios where the network share may be relocated, restructured, or expanded over time.

It's important to note that the specific implementation and configuration of network share aliases may vary depending on the storage system and configuration in QuantaStor. Therefore, referring to the QuantaStor documentation or consulting with the QuantaStor support team can provide more precise instructions and guidance on how to utilize the Create Network Share Alias feature effectively.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Volume & Share Replication Schedules --> Create Alias... (right-click)

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