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Create a Network Share Namespace.

The purpose of "Create Network Share Namespace" feature is to group shares together into a folder which is globally accessible across a selected group of appliances. The group of appliances can include all the appliances in a grid or just a subset of appliances/storage systems in a given grid. Network Share Namespaces use the Microsoft DFS technology to redirect SMB/CIFS clients to the correct appliance where the selected Network Share resides. NFSv4 clients are directed to the correct appliance for any given Network Share using NFSv4 Referrals. Network Share Namespaces work together with Highly-Available(HA) storage pools. Accessing network shares in HA pools via a DFS or NFSv4 referrals will always redirect to a Virtual Network Interface (VIF) associated with the HA storage pool for any given Network Share.

Here are some potential benefits and use cases:

  • Simplified Access: By creating a network share namespace, administrators can consolidate multiple network shares into a single, easily accessible location. This simplifies the access process for clients, as they only need to connect to the namespace rather than individual shares.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Network share namespaces enable administrators to add or remove network shares from the namespace without impacting clients' access. This allows for scalability and flexibility in managing shared resources as needs evolve over time.
  • Centralized Management: A network share namespace provides a centralized management point for configuring and controlling access permissions, security settings, and other attributes related to the network shares within the namespace. This simplifies administration and ensures consistent settings across multiple shares.
  • Transparent Resource Relocation: If a network share needs to be moved or migrated to a different storage location or server, using a network share namespace makes the transition transparent to clients. They can continue accessing the namespace without being aware of the underlying changes.

Overall, the purpose of a "Create Network Share Namespace" feature in QuantaStor is to enhance the organization, management, and accessibility of network shares by providing a unified and simplified access point for clients.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Network Shares --> Global Namespaces --> Create (toolbar)

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