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Restore the share from a prior snapshot.

"Restore Network Share" is a feature in QuantaStor refers to the ability to recover or reinstate a previously deleted or disabled network share. Here's a hypothetical scenario of what the purpose of a "Restore Network Share" feature could be:

  • Data Recovery: In scenarios where a network share was accidentally deleted or disabled, the "Restore Network Share" feature might allow administrators to recover the configuration and settings of the share, ensuring that users regain access to their data.
  • Configuration Rollback: If changes were made to a network share's configuration that resulted in issues or access problems, the "Restore Network Share" feature could allow administrators to revert to a previous working configuration.
  • Historical Data Access: Some organizations may have a data retention policy that involves periodically archiving or disabling certain network shares. The "Restore Network Share" feature could be used to reinstate access to historical data for compliance or auditing purposes.
  • Accidental Actions: If administrators mistakenly disabled or deleted a network share, the "Restore Network Share" functionality could provide an option to reverse these actions without needing to recreate the entire share from scratch.
  • Configuration Management: In environments with complex network share configurations, the ability to restore shares could assist in managing the sharing settings consistently across different systems or environments.
  • User Continuity: Restoring network shares can help maintain a seamless experience for users who may rely on consistent access to shared data. By restoring shares, disruptions caused by accidental actions or configuration errors can be minimized.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Network Shares --> Network Share --> Restore (toolbar)

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