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Change Log Overview

The change log contains a detailed summary of the changes made for each new release of QuantaStor. Each change made to QuantaStor is tracked with an engineering ticket number in the form [QSTOR-NNNN]. This information is provided so that if you're working with OSNexus support you can track the availability of a given product feature add, improvement, or maintenance fix to a specific release. For information on how to upgrade your storage system please see the Upgrade Guide.

Versioning System

QuantaStor version numbers consist of four (4) parts. A major number (M), minor number (N), maintenance update number (U) and build number (B) of the form M.N.U.B such as

QuantaStor upgrades go directly from whatever version you are running to the latest version, with no interim steps so for example if you are at v6.0.1 you will upgrade directly to the latest version which may be v6.1.2

Product Update Types

Major Updates (X.y.z)

If the first digit in the version number has changed this indicates a major product release such as QuantaStor v5 to QuantaStor v6. Major releases generally come with a new underlying Linux platform as the basis. For example, the standard ISO install for QuantaStor v5 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 whereas QuantaStor v6 is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Major product releases generally include new features and maintenance updates and are supported on multiple underlying Linux platforms. For example, QuantaStor v6 is available as an upgrade on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 based systems as well as RHEL and RHEL derivative platforms. Platform upgrades to move systems forward (eg 18.04 to 20.04) are made generally available in the first feature update release, such as QuantaStor 6.1.

Feature Updates (x.Y.z)

If the second digit in the version number has changed this indicates a feature release such as 6.1 going to 6.2. Feature releases add new product features as well as a maintenance updates. No additional licensing is required to access any new features that added but note that QuantaStor licenses do not include licenses for 3rd party products and services that may integrate with QuantaStor.

Maintenance Updates (x.y.Z)

If the third digit of the version number has changed this such as 6.0.2 or 6.0.3 it represents a maintenance update to address one or more support tickets. These updates generally do not contain new features, only fixes to address specific issues. Maintenance releases generally ship every 4 to 8 weeks. All maintenance "aka hot-fix" releases are provided against the current stable release so upgrading to the latest QuantaStor version is generally required to apply them.

Build Number (x.y.z.BBB)

The build number and corresponding build reference hash can be largely ignored. The build number simply increments with each commit that is made to the source tree. The hash is provided to make it easier for OSNEXUS support and engineering to quickly confirm difference between your current running release and any more modern release.

Boot Install Image and other downloads

ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

NOTE: Archived older versions of QuantaStor ISO install media and CLI tools can be found here.

Recent Change Logs

v6.0.3.014 (January 18th 2023)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v6.0.3.

Release Notes

Disk Management

  • Include the Physical Disk state in the hardware enclosure view in addition to the existing Hardware Disk state. [ QSTOR-9343 ]

Remote Replication, Snapshots and Backup Policies

  • Fixes issues with backup policy in outbound-move for cloud containers. [ QSTOR-9349 ]
  • Added support for nested share replication. [ QSTOR-8827 ]


  • Added Chronograf port 8888 to the list of services that can be disabled in the Firewall Tab settings of the Storage System Modify and Interface modify dialogs. [ QSTOR-9344 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Improved error messages for adding metadata offload or duplication offload devices in odd numbers. [ QSTOR-9334 ]
  • Improved features for software encrypted passphrase protected Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-9263 ]

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Fixed an issue with the permissions for the apt trusted.gpg keyring for bionic ISO installs. [ QSTOR-9365 ]
  • Fixed an issue with new installs for focal where the installer was still installing some package updates at the end of the ISO install. This fix will help ensure that only the package versions included on the ISO are installed to the system. [ QSTOR-9328 ]
  • Added support for Ceph MDS upgrades for Ceph minor version updates. [ QSTOR-9251 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed text for 'Restart Cluster Services' dialog in the right-click context menu. [ QSTOR-9335 ]
  • Apply active user's web customization settings (visibility settings) to the Getting Started Wizard. [ QSTOR-9248 ]

v6.0.2.003 (December 15th 2022)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v6.0.2.

Release Notes

Ceph Scale-out Block, Object and File

  • Fix issue where S3 Tenants were successfully created, but the associated resources were not showing in the WUI tree view. [ QSTOR-9321 ]


  • Fix an issue where a button name in Multitenancy --> Resource Group was mislabeled. [ QSTOR-9323 ]

Network Interfaces

  • Fixed an issue with the network gateway being set on boot when a static IP address was set during the Focal Platform installer. [ QSTOR-9322 ]

v6.0.1.027 (December 12th 2022)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v6.0.1.

Release Notes

Ceph Scale-out Block, Object and File

  • Notify user that OSD reweighting may take several hours in task detail. [ QSTOR-9299 ]
  • Fix an issue with adding a new system to an encrypted Ceph Cluster. [ QSTOR-9298 ]

Enclosures and Controllers

  • Fixed an issue with Disk models that do not implement a traditional Serial number in their VPD (Samsung Enterprise SSDs for instance) [ QSTOR-9288 ]

Network Shares

  • Added auto configure nfs feature for scaleout pools. [ QSTOR-9293 ]
  • Added support into qs-util to enable samba multi channel support. [ QSTOR-9292 ]
  • Minor fix for Network Share rename [ QSTOR-9258 ]
  • Added feature to delete volumes and shares based on a search filter. [ QSTOR-9225 ]

Quantastor CLI

  • Fixed but with CLI commands where string arguments are empty strings ("") would result in failure. [ QSTOR-9303 ]

Remote Replication, Snapshots and Backup Policies

  • Improve the auto updating of the replication schedule grids and charts on schedule deletes and first triggers, so that Ctrl-F5 is not needed to refresh. [ QSTOR-9261 ]


  • Added a popup clarifying the metakey file contents when using the Storage Pool Export Key dialog. [ QSTOR-9305 ]
  • Fixed an issue with synchronizing and opening user password defined storage pool encryption keys for High Available Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-9294 ]
  • Added a pop-up confirmation dialog on login with the default admin user password. The pop-up directs the user to set a new user password and opens the set user password dialog. This is to address SB-327 [ QSTOR-9290 ]
  • Added confirmation dialog when changing password policy. [ QSTOR-9267 ]

Service Core

  • Fix a intermittent lock contention issue preventing pool create from working. [ QSTOR-9289 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Improved RAID selections for Pool Create. [ QSTOR-9316 ]

Web Manager

  • Filter ZFS pools from Orphaned Object Cleanup Schedule Create. [ QSTOR-9272 ]

v6.0.0.355 (November 22nd 2022)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v6.0.0.

Release Notes

Alerts and Configuration Analysis

  • Fixed an issue where the Report Schedule would not send an email report if the report to Email field was empty and the 'Report to Management User email addresses' was checked. [ QSTOR-9262 ]
  • Added further logging for detecting IPMI sensor status changes for Redundant Power supplies. [ QSTOR-8939 ]
  • Added further Power supply sensor types for newer Dell Systems. [ QSTOR-8939 ]

Ceph Scale-out Block, Object and File

  • Adjusted ceph osd max write size configuration settings to allow for larger object delete operations. [ QSTOR-9217 ]
  • Switch the default mount mode for Ceph File System to kernel mode instead of fuse mount. [ QSTOR-9207 ]
  • Fix issue where the rgw log file for a second instance was residing in /var/run/ceph/ rather than /var/log/radosgw/. [ QSTOR-9180 ]
  • Minor fix to the ceph conf file. [ QSTOR-9157 ]
  • Increase the default max size for Ceph File System. [ QSTOR-9153 ]
  • Fixed and issue with file ownership for ceph. [ QSTOR-9115 ]
  • Added support for unmapped RBD volumes. [ QSTOR-9082 ]
  • Fix to use replica 3 for metadata pool for erasure code CephFS pool and the selected failure domain. [ QSTOR-9080 ]
  • Improved the Ceph Cluster Modify API to handle customizing ceph configuration settings. [ QSTOR-9074 ]
  • Fix issue creating a Scale-out Storage Pool where a M=1 popup warning would appear if the Code Chunks (M) was manually set to 1, yet a valid custom profile was used. In this case, the manually set M value should be ignored. [ QSTOR-9066 ]
  • Fix Ceph RBD utilized space update issue. [ QSTOR-9061 ]
  • Implemented ceph package upgrades. [ QSTOR-8947 ]
  • Add functionality for OSD reweighting for CEPH clusters [ QSTOR-8836 ]
  • Added CephClusterImport capability to import ceph clusters into Quantastor given a ceph configuration file. [ QSTOR-7994 ]

Dashboards and Analytics

  • Fixed an issue with the Storage Pool dashboards when showing 6 and 12 hour charts. [ QSTOR-9268 ]
  • Make qs\_stats db retention duration customizable and increase from 2hr to 6 hr. [ QSTOR-9152 ]

Disk Management

  • Fixed logic to correctly hide Linux md software RAID for OS disks from Storage Pool section. [ QSTOR-9254 ]
  • Added filters for mdadm to limit the disks it can discover for md device management to local physical disk sdX and nvmeX devices. This ensures md related commands on QuantaStor ignore any formatting on logical block devices for ceph rbd or zfs zvols. [ QSTOR-9176 ]
  • Added further checks for selected disks when creating storage pools to block if there is existing partition information on the disks. The force flag can be used when creating a storage pool to override this check and force a pre-format of the disks. [ QSTOR-9108 ]

High Availability Failover

  • Block creation of second cluster ring for Site Clusters on RHEL-like distributions. [ QSTOR-9210 ]
  • Fixed an issue with persisting firewall rules for HA-failover interfaces after failover has executed and firewall rules are modified. [ QSTOR-9177 ]
  • Added Further enhancements to greatly decrease HA failover times in the event that a Storage Pool loses access to its Backing Disk Devices/Enclosure or on a manual failover. [ QSTOR-9169 ]
  • Improved HA failover for passphrase encrypted Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-7394 ]

Kernel and Drivers

  • Focal platform kernel updated to 5.15.0-48-generic [ QSTOR-9146 ]

For Focal and Redhat platforms:

*  Updated SCST drivers to latest for latest Qlogic FC controller support. Older controllers are still supported with this new driver.
*  Updated ZFS to 2.1.6
  • Updated Focal platform install ISO to be based off Ubuntu 20.04.5 with 5.15 HWE install kernel. [ QSTOR-9146 ]


  • Hide scale-out tabs and options when Migration Edition license and add in the multi-tenant support for Resilio in Free license. [ QSTOR-9179 ]


  • Fix an issue where cloud container shares were filtered out in the add-remove shares to resource groups dialog. [ QSTOR-9071 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Containers

  • Remove deprecated cloud backup command from the QS CLI [ QSTOR-8998 ]

Network Interfaces

  • Fixed an Issue with Redhat platforms where modifying the MTU on a Bonded network port would not update the MTU on child VLAN interfaces. [ QSTOR-9194 ]
  • Fixed an issue with creating high availability failover interfaces. [ QSTOR-9182 ]
  • Added support to discover and support existing NetworkManager Network Interface configuration settings on Redhat based Platforms. [ QSTOR-8884 ]

Network Shares

  • Scalability improvements for large number of Network Share Snapshots and HA failover improvements. [ QSTOR-9226 ]
  • Add the ability to move a nested ZFS share. [ QSTOR-9087 ]
  • Add support for key export/import on encrypted network shares. [ QSTOR-8999 ]
  • Add support for encrypted ZFS Network Shares [ QSTOR-8696 ] # Not available on Bionic

Quantastor CLI

  • Add per role ability to mange the GUI layout (show and hide GUI features). For example, hide Ceph features if using HA only). [ QSTOR-9114 ]
  • Fixed an issue the disk filter selection when using using qs CLI ceph-osd-multi-create command. [ QSTOR-9085 ]
  • Add the 'enablecephfs-top' option to the qs-util that configures the system to allow use of cephfs-top. [ QSTOR-9038 ]
  • Add the 'zfsarcsummary' option to qs-util to show the ZFS arc summary report. [ QSTOR-9026 ]
  • Fix issue where qs share-restore did not accept the --share-snapshot from command line. [ QSTOR-9006 ]
  • Fixed an issue with modifying a Key Server Profile name. [ QSTOR-9000 ]
  • Add support for calling QuantaStor APIs via PowerShell commands. [ QSTOR-8487 ]

Remote Replication, Snapshots and Backup Policies

  • Fixed: remote replication will now trigger while the destination target storage pool is in the busy state while running a ZFS pool scrub. [ QSTOR-9220 ]
  • Fixed an issue with unsuccessful Replication Schedules due to the reuse snapshot setting. [ QSTOR-9075 ]
  • Updated rclone to 1.60.1 [ QSTOR-9070 ]
  • Add dashboard for displaying Remote Replication statistics. [ QSTOR-3851 ]

SCSI / NVMe Target

  • Enhanced SCSI Target management to improve performance for HA failover times. [ QSTOR-9144 ]


  • Updated the SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-9218 ]


  • Fixed HTTP request vulnerabilities in rest API. [ QSTOR-9255 ]
  • Fixed an issue with MFA initial login [ QSTOR-9148 ]
  • Adds support for an "app token" that can be used to an authenticate the user initiated CLI commands. [ QSTOR-9122 ]

Server Integration

  • Added the ability to enable a System identification beacon and trigger an audible tone for systems that support either an identify led and/or a pc speaker. [ QSTOR-7199 ]

Service Core

  • Fixed: the Grid Preferred Port setting will now correctly be used when adding new nodes to the Grid [ QSTOR-9195 ]
  • Add new object search/list API to the CLI for searching objects by selected properties. This search capabilities was added for hardware controllers and enclosures, disk, storage pool devices and physical disk. [ QSTOR-9102 ]
  • Add the ability control what is cached in the primary cache (ARC) and the secondary cache (L2ARC) for Storage Pools, Network Shares and Storage Volumes. [ QSTOR-8928 ]
  • Fixed issue where after the rename of a share, creating a new one with the same name fails. [ QSTOR-8244 ]
  • Fix to limit the number of Tasks sent to the Web Manager at startup to 100. [ QSTOR-7497 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Improvements to pool import logic to skip importing undetected volumes/shares. [ QSTOR-9216 ]
  • Add support for ZFS DRAID pools [ QSTOR-9054 ]
  • Added support for zstd and zstd-fast compression types [ QSTOR-8927 ]
  • Enhanced Storage Pool import logic to ensure better choosing of preferred Physical disk path types. [ QSTOR-4939 ]

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Updated qs\_upgrade\_redhat8.sh and mellanox\_ofed\_install.sh scripts to support RHEL 8.7 and RHEL\_like 8.7 platforms. [ QSTOR-9252 ]
  • Improve auto-detection of upgrade values [ QSTOR-9137 ]
  • Improved string handling in upgrade scripts [ QSTOR-9135 ]
  • Improved upgrade progress capture. [ QSTOR-9053 ]
  • Grafana is included by default on all new QuantaStor installs. [ QSTOR-9012 ]
  • Added support for redhat upgrades and enabled focal platform package upgrades via the Upgrade Manager. [ QSTOR-8887 ]
  • Implement rolling upgrades, where upgrades are performed asynchronous with no additional user participation required. [ QSTOR-8864 ]

Web Manager

  • Move the Ceph Cluster encrypted icon indicator to the left hand side of the icon to make room for the state icon modifiers. [ QSTOR-9257 ]
  • Do not show the progress bar popup dialog when grabbing replication reports as it is redundant with the respective grid loading indicator and interferes with tree menu clicks. [ QSTOR-9184 ]
  • Fix an issue where a replication schedule changes states from 'Disabled' to 'Enabled' and the Status column incorrectly shows 'Enabled' in red. [ QSTOR-9173 ]
  • Move the Storage Pool 'Execute Storage Pool Failover' menu item closer to the top of the menu system to stand out. [ QSTOR-9164 ]
  • Change the theme colors for the QuantaStor 6.0 release. [ QSTOR-9147 ]
  • Move EC Profiles and Redundancy Rules from the "Scale-out Storage Clusters" menu to the "Scale-out Storage Pools" menu. [ QSTOR-9139 ]
  • Minor fix to storage volume create/modify dialog labels. [ QSTOR-9091 ]
  • Show the network share utilized space as an info field in the enable, disable, and encryption dialogs. [ QSTOR-9043 ]
  • Minor fix to menu titles for Bonded Ports. [ QSTOR-8972 ]
  • Fixed menu titles in Role management. [ QSTOR-8924 ]
  • Minor refactor of the Create Backup Policy Dialog UX. Create a New Policy Settings Tab and add a HTML configuration status to be updated upon configuration changes (Backup Mode & Direction of Source & Destination). [ QSTOR-8916 ]
  • Remove the legacy Cloud Backup Schedule from the Schedules Ribbon Bar from WUI. [ QSTOR-8914 ]
  • Show the tenant/s3User label in S3 User multi-delete dialog if the S3 User is associated with a tenant. [ QSTOR-8903 ]
  • Add a fix to limit the number of snapshots fetched for shares and volumes. More snapshots will be fetched on demand when the share/volume is selected. [ QSTOR-8813 ]
  • Minor fix to hide empty properties in the properties tab. [ QSTOR-7009 ]
  • Minor fix to hide empty Physical Disk properties in the Main Property View. [ QSTOR-7008 ]

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