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This will remove the Ceph Cluster and all associated objects.

In QuantaStor, the "Remove Ceph Cluster Member" feature is used to remove a member or node from a Ceph cluster that is managed within the QuantaStor environment.

The purpose of the "Remove Ceph Cluster Member" function is to gracefully exclude a specific node or member from the Ceph cluster. This action can be performed when a node is being decommissioned, experiencing issues, or no longer required to be part of the Ceph cluster.

Warning: This will remove the member and all associated objects.

When removing a Ceph cluster member in QuantaStor, the following actions are typically taken:

  • Rebalancing Data: Before removing the member, the Ceph cluster initiates a data rebalancing process to redistribute the data stored on the node being removed. This helps ensure data availability and optimal resource utilization within the cluster.
  • Removing the Member: Once the data has been rebalanced, the specified member is then cleanly removed from the Ceph cluster. This includes updating the cluster's metadata, redistributing the data, and adjusting the cluster's configuration to reflect the member's absence.

By removing a Ceph cluster member using the "Remove Ceph Cluster Member" feature, administrators can effectively manage the cluster's composition and address scenarios such as node failures, hardware upgrades, or infrastructure changes.

It's important to note that removing a member from a Ceph cluster should be performed with caution, as it can impact the overall cluster's performance, data availability, and fault tolerance. It is recommended to ensure that the cluster has sufficient redundancy and capacity to handle the removal of a member.

Navigation: Scale-out Storage Configuration --> Scale-out Storage Clusters --> Scale-out Cluster Management --> Remove Member (toolbar)

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