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Remove a Ceph Monitor from the Ceph Cluster.

In QuantaStor, the "Remove Ceph Cluster Monitor" feature is used to remove a monitor node from a Ceph cluster that is managed within the QuantaStor environment.

Ceph monitors are critical components of a Ceph cluster responsible for maintaining cluster membership, managing cluster maps, and monitoring the health and status of the cluster. Removing a monitor node should be done with caution and only if necessary.

The purpose of the "Remove Ceph Cluster Monitor" function is to gracefully exclude a specific monitor node from the Ceph cluster. This action can be performed when a monitor node is being decommissioned, experiencing issues, or no longer required to be part of the Ceph cluster.

When removing a Ceph cluster monitor in QuantaStor, the following actions are typically taken:

  • Redistributing Monitor Responsibilities: Before removing the monitor, the cluster redistributes the monitor's responsibilities to the remaining monitor nodes. This ensures that the cluster's monitoring and management functions continue to operate properly.
  • Removing the Monitor: Once the monitor responsibilities have been redistributed, the specified monitor node is then cleanly removed from the Ceph cluster. This includes updating the cluster's metadata and adjusting the cluster's configuration to reflect the monitor's absence.

By removing a Ceph cluster monitor using the "Remove Ceph Cluster Monitor" feature, administrators can effectively manage the cluster's composition and address scenarios such as node failures, hardware upgrades, or infrastructure changes.

It's important to note that removing a monitor node can impact the cluster's overall performance, fault tolerance, and ability to handle failures. Therefore, it's recommended to ensure that the cluster has sufficient monitor redundancy and capacity before removing a monitor.

Navigation: Scale-out Storage Configuration --> Scale-out Storage Clusters --> Service Management --> Remove Monitor (toolbar)

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