Storage Pool HA Failover Interface Create

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Create High-Availability Virtual Interfaces to use for access to volumes and shares on HA storage pools.

Note: Before you create a Storage Pool High Availability (HA) Failover Interface you must create a Site Cluster and then, create a Storage Pool HA Group associated with the Storage Pool.

Navigation: Cluster Resource Management --> Site Clusters --> Virtual Interface Management --> Add Pool Interface (toolbar)

To configure HA for a Storage Pool you must have shared storage (typically via a SAS JBOD with dual SAS expanders) attached to two appliances via HBAs. Both appliances must be in the same QuantaStor Grid. Once the HA group is created you will need to create one or more HA Failover Interfaces associated with the storage pool so that in the event of a failover the workloads are still able to access the storage on the same IP addresses.

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