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The recovery manager provides an easy way to recover the internal system database after reinstalling QuantaStor. The system database contains all of the configuration information for the system like hosts, users, user groups, network configuration, and replication schedules. You do not need to recover that internal database to recover volumes and network shares, those will recover automatically.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage Systems --> Storage System --> Recovery Manager (toolbar)

Recover the System database.

Can I use an old version of a QuantaStor database with the latest version?

Yes, the QuantaStor core service was designed with a dynamic schema upgrade system that enables us to support upgrading from any older version to any newer version of QuantaStor.

How often is the internal database backed up?

The core service does a backup of the internal database to every storage pool every hour so that you have at least 5 backups of the internal database on every storage pool. In most cases the internal database is very compact (less than 10MB) to it uses almost no disk space in your storage pool to retain these backups.

Additional Information

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