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The Upgrade Manager allows you to upgrade you QuantaStor system to the latest version with no system downtime. QuantaStor is comprised of four major packages: Core Services package, the Web Management interface package, the Target driver package and the Tomcat web server package. Most upgrades are upgrades to just the Management and Core Services package which are always upgraded together. Updates to the target driver and tomcat web server packages are much less common.

How do I upgrade my system?

Simply press the 'Check For Updates' button which will tell the server to update it's local catalog of available packages. When that completes you will see the current version and latest versions of all available packages. Next just press the OK button to start the upgrade. If the list of latest packages is not displayed you may have a network gateway or DNS configuration issue that is preventing the appliance from gathering package information from

How to I know what has changed between the current version and the new version?

Press the 'View Change Log' button which will redirect you to the Change Log on the OS NEXUS Wiki. The Change Log is updated with each new release and contains an itemized list of any fixes and features introduced with each new release.

Does the target driver upgrade interrupt my iSCSI storage volumes?

No, the new drivers are copied into place but the drivers are not reloaded. As such you can do upgrades at any time even while the system is under heavy use.

The upgrade task says that I need to reboot after the upgrade, what's that about?

Upgrade QuantaStor to current versions for security and functional fixes.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> Storage System --> Upgrade Manager (toolbar)

You will need to reboot your system at your convenience to activate the new drivers. Alternatively you can run these steps at the console to activate the new drivers without a reboot, but it will drop all active iSCSI sessions so use this with caution:

sudo service iscsi-target restart
sudo service quantastor restart

Note that you should not login to the system or use the web management interface for a couple of minutes after you've started the upgrade process. During that time QuantaStor will be downloading and restarting the web service and core services. Note also that restarting the core service 'quantastor' does not impact IO access to your iSCSI, FC, or NFS shares.

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