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Clone the Storage Volume Group.

The "Clone Storage Volume Group" feature is to create an exact replica of an entire storage volume group, including all the volumes and their configurations.

Here are some potential benefits and use cases if such a feature exists:

  • Simplified Deployment: Cloning a storage volume group allows for rapid and consistent deployment of multiple storage volume groups with the same configuration and data. This can be useful in scenarios where there is a need to set up multiple instances of a storage configuration quickly and efficiently.
  • Disaster Recovery: Cloning a storage volume group can serve as a component of a disaster recovery strategy. By creating a clone of a storage volume group, administrators can have an identical copy of the original group available for recovery purposes in the event of a disaster or data loss incident.
  • Testing and Development: Cloning a storage volume group enables users to create an isolated copy of a storage configuration for testing and development purposes. This allows for experimentation, software testing, and other activities without impacting the production environment.
  • Workload Isolation: Cloning a storage volume group provides the ability to isolate workloads. By creating a clone of a volume group, administrators can allocate the clone to a separate environment, such as a development or staging environment, ensuring that any changes or activities within that environment do not affect the production data.
  • Data Migration: Cloning a storage volume group can be used as part of a data migration strategy. It allows administrators to create a copy of a volume group, transfer it to a different storage system, and seamlessly migrate the data and configurations to the new environment.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage Volumes --> Storage Volume Group --> Clone (toolbar)

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