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Increase the size of the Storage Volume Host.

In QuantaStor, the "Resize Storage Volume" feature is used to adjust the size or capacity of a storage volume.

A storage volume in QuantaStor represents a logical unit of storage that can be used for various purposes, such as creating file systems, mounting as block devices, or assigning to virtual machines. The size of a storage volume determines the amount of storage space it occupies within a storage pool.

The purpose of the "Resize Storage Volume" function is to increase or decrease the capacity of a storage volume to meet changing storage requirements. This feature allows you to dynamically adjust the size of the volume without losing the data stored within it.

When you resize a storage volume in QuantaStor, the operation can involve either expanding or shrinking the volume's capacity. Expanding a storage volume increases its size to accommodate more data, while shrinking reduces its size to free up space or better align with the storage needs.

Resizing a storage volume is particularly useful when you need to adapt your storage infrastructure to changing storage demands, such as when you require additional storage space or want to reclaim unused capacity.

Storage Volumes can easily be increased in size using the Resize Storage Volume dialog. Resizing a volume is instantaneous and does not affect client connections. All volume resize/grow operations are done in a thin-provisioned fashion, with individual Data blocks on the underlying Storage Pool reserved only when clients write to the additional LUN capacity. Storage Volumes can only be increased in size, it is not possible to reduce or shrink the size of a Storage Volume.

Most modern iSCSI or FC initiators allow for instant LUN capacity expansion allowing for immediate provisioning and use of the added capacity. Some OS clients or Hypervisors may require a rescan operation for the new capacity to appear.

Please note, some older Operating Systems or Hypervisors can require that the initiator log out and log back in to the target for the additional capacity to appear.

If the volume is in use you must use the force option.

It's important to note that the ability to resize a storage volume depends on the underlying storage pool's capacity and available resources. Additionally, resizing a volume may have implications for any data or applications utilizing the volume, so it's recommended to ensure proper backups and consider any dependencies or constraints before performing a resize operation.

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