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Navigation: Users & Groups --> Users --> User --> Modify (toolbar)


General User settings.

User Name

Names must be text or numeric with no spaces or special characters.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication(MFA) combines four independent credentials. The credentials are Name (which must be unique to the system), API Host, Integration Key, and Secret Key. The goal of MFA is to create a layered defense making it more difficult for an unauthorized person(s) to access the system.

For additional information see Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Alert Subscriptions

Receive email alerts.

Provide an email address to receive storage appliance alerts. Generally speaking you will only want administrative users to receive alerts from the appliances as end-users would be confused or possibly alarmed by an email requesting storage administrative action like replacing a disk. Choose the Subscription level of the mailed Alerts to filter out informational or warning messages that may be unnecessary for you needs.

Web Interface Customization

Customize Web Interface.

Web interface tab and section visibility is a convenience feature and is separate from RBAC/authorization security enforcement. Authorization is controlled by each user's assigned Role. Roles must be created or modified to limit user access to operations.

Advanced Settings

Set the CHAP credentials.

Default CHAP Settings

If you provide CHAP settings for a given user account then all storage volumes allocated by that user will have these CHAP credentials automatically associated with them. You can adjust the storage volume CHAP settings in the Advanced Settings dialog when you create a storage volume or in the Modify Storage Volume... dialog.

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