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== Administrator Guide Topic Links ==
== Administrator Guide Topic Links ==
[[Web UI Definition]]
[[Storage System]]
[[Storage System]]

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The QuantaStor Administrator Guide is intended for all IT administrators working to setup or maintain a QuantaStor system or grid of systems as well as for those just looking to get a deeper understanding of how the QuantaStor software defined storage platform works.

Administrator Guide Topic Links

Web UI Definition

Storage System

Grid Configuration

License Management

Hardware Configuration

Network Port Configuration

Physical Disk/Device Management

Hardware Controller & Enclosure Management

Multipath Configuration

Storage Provisioning

Storage Pool Management

Storage Volume Management

Network Share Management

Cloud Containers/NAS Gateway

Security, Alerting & Upgrades

Call-home/Alert Management

Security Configuration

Upgrade Manager

Snapshots & Replication

Snapshot Schedules

Backup Policies

Remote-replication (DR)

Cluster Configuration

HA Cluster Setup (JBODs)

HA Cluster Setup (external SAN)

Scale-out Block Setup (ceph)

Scale-out Object Setup (ceph)

Scale-out File Setup (glusterfs)


Performance Tuning