Marking/Unmarking Hot-spares for Hardware RAID Units

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Hardware RAID units require hot-spares to be configured within the RAID controller. To toggle marking/un-marking of the specified disk as a hot-spare simply right-click on a disk within the controller and choose Mark/Unmark Hot-spare. Note that devices marked as hot-spares within a RAID controller can only be used as a hot-spares for RAID units managed by that specific controller. As such if a system has two or more RAID controllers each one will need one or more disks marked as hot-spares in order to get automatic healing of RAID units. Systems using fault-tolerant software RAID at the Storage Pool level using HBAs have no requirement to specify hardware RAID hot-spares and in such cases this section does not apply.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Physical Disks --> (target disk) --> Mark Hot-Spare (rightclick)

Mark hwdisk hotspare.png

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