Network Share Users and Group Quota Manager

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Assign User and Group quotas to network shares.

In QuantaStor, the "Network Share User & Group Quota Manager" feature allows you to manage and allocate storage quotas for individual users or groups accessing network shares. The purpose of this feature is to control and limit the amount of storage space that each user or group can consume within the network shares.

The main purposes and benefits of the Network Share User & Group Quota Manager in QuantaStor include:

  • Resource Allocation: With this feature, you can allocate storage quotas to individual users or groups accessing network shares. Quotas define the maximum amount of storage space that a user or group can utilize within the network share. By managing quotas, you can ensure fair resource allocation and prevent users or groups from consuming excessive storage space.
  • Storage Optimization: The User & Group Quota Manager enables efficient utilization of storage resources. By setting quotas, you can prevent individual users or groups from monopolizing storage space, allowing for better overall storage capacity planning and resource utilization. It helps avoid situations where one user's or group's storage needs excessively impact the availability of storage for others.
  • Capacity Planning: The feature facilitates capacity planning by providing insights into the storage usage patterns of individual users or groups. By monitoring quota usage, administrators can identify trends, allocate additional resources where needed, and optimize the overall storage infrastructure to accommodate changing storage demands.
  • Compliance and Reporting: QuantaStor's User & Group Quota Manager can assist in compliance efforts by ensuring that storage usage remains within defined limits. It allows administrators to track and monitor storage consumption for users and groups, providing valuable information for reporting and auditing purposes.
  • User and Group Management: The feature simplifies the management of storage resources for different users or groups. By associating quotas with specific users or groups, you can easily manage and modify storage allocations as user requirements change. This reduces administrative overhead and streamlines storage management processes.

Overall, the purpose of the Network Share User & Group Quota Manager in QuantaStor is to manage storage quotas for individual users or groups accessing network shares. It facilitates fair resource allocation, storage optimization, capacity planning, compliance, and simplified user and group management, ensuring efficient and controlled usage of storage resources within the network shares.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Network Shares --> Set User/Group Quotas... (rightclick)

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