Storage System Shutdown/Restart

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To do a clean shutdown of your storage system be sure to shutdown or restart the system using one of these options. Shutting down the system in this manner will cleanly stop the storage pools and flush the write cache of the hardware RAID controllers.

What happens if the power is cut or I don't shutdown cleanly?

This is generally just fine. You'll want to make sure that you have a battery backup unit or a flash cache module if you have a RAID controller in your system. This will protect the cache in the event of a power outage or sudden power-off of your system. The storage pools automatically do a startup check when you startup your appliance again so nothing special needs to be done to deal with an unclean shutdown.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> [Storage System icon] --> Shutdown Storage System (right click)

Storage Management --> Storage System --> [Storage System icon] --> Restart Storage System (right click)

Stor Sys Shutdown.jpg

Stor Sys Restart.jpg

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