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==== [[Custom Unmanaged NFS/CIFS Shares]] ====
==== [[Custom Unmanaged NFS/CIFS Shares]] ====
* Instructions on how to create custom entries for SMB/NFS access which are ignored by QuantaStor
* Instructions on how to create custom entries for SMB/NFS access which are ignored by QuantaStor
== Security Configuration ==
==== [[Custom SSL_TLS Security|Custom SSL Certificates and TLS Security]] ====
* Information on how to Generate and Install Custom SSL Certificates and set Custom TLS security settings.
==== [[Custom SSH Security|Custom SSH Ciphers and Key Exchange Algorithms]] ====
* Information on how to customize the ssh service to enforce strong Cipher and Key Exchange Algorithms for SSH communication.
==== [[Firewall Configuration|Customizing Firewall Settings to Block Services]] ====
* Guide outlines how to block NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and other protocol access in order to further lock down an appliance.
==== [[Duo Multi-Factor Authentication|Enabling Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Documentation]] ====
* Information on enabling multi-factor authentication using DUO.
==== [[QuantaStor Security Updates|Security Updates]] ====
* How to apply security patches and get detail on what patches apply to QuantaStor
==== [[IPSec]] ====
* IPsec can be used to encrypt traffic for NFS and other protocols
== Application Integration ==
== Application Integration ==

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Welcome to the OSNEXUS QuantaStor online documentation site. The following guides and sections cover all aspects of QuantaStor SDS configuration from installation to integration with 3rd party software. General information on key product features and product screenshots can be found on the main product site here: http://www.osnexus.com.


What is QuantaStor?

Free Trial Edition & Community Edition Download

The QuantaStor 5 ISO image and license keys for Trial Edition (256TB, 30-days) and Community Edition (40TB, 2 years) are available for download here.

QuantaStor uses a single common ISO image for all editions so upgrading a system from Trial or Community Edition to Enterprise Edition just requires applying a new license key.

QuantaStor Documentation Overview

Solution Design Guide

  • Covers general QuantaStor SDS solution engineering and design guidelines

Installation Guide

  • Covers the process of installing QuantaStor onto bare-metal hardware or as guest VM to make a Virtual Storage Appliance.

Getting Started

  • Covers the initial system configuration steps including logging in, applying a license key, and other initial system step procedures.

Administrator Guide

  • This guide goes into detail on each of the features and capabilities of QuantaStor and how to configure them.

User Guide

  • Covers topics on how to connect to QuantaStor via various file and block protocols from servers and workstations.

Advanced Topics

SNMP Agent Setup

  • Detailed instructions on how to setup the SNMP agent to send SNMP traps.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Users Guide

  • The CLI User's Guide documents in detail all of the storage management commands that can be executed via the 'qs' utility both within the system or remotely via with Windows 'qs' remote management CLI.

REST API Developers Guide

  • The Developers Guide outlines how one can manage the storage system directly using REST API calls from your own applications.

Customizing Appliance Internals

  • Details on how to write custom scripts to augment various operations like system started/shutdown, storage pool start/stop, etc.

IO Performance Tuning

  • Storage Pool I/O Tuning and I/O Performance best practices.

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Various troubleshooting topics ranging from login issues to driver upgrades.

Driver Upgrade Guide

  • Instructions on how to build new device drivers for newly released hardware

Custom Unmanaged NFS/CIFS Shares

  • Instructions on how to create custom entries for SMB/NFS access which are ignored by QuantaStor

Application Integration

CopperEgg Integration

  • Provides cloud monitoring and near real-time system stats

PagerDuty Integration

  • Use PagerDuty to get notified of call-home appliance alerts to your IT team with an advanced ticketing system.

Librato Metrics Integration

  • Use Librato to collect and view a dashboard metrics on utilization and other stats from your QuantaStor appliances.

Cloudera™ Hadoop Integration Guide

  • The Hadoop Integration Guide gives you an overview of the installation steps to get Hadoop running in your QuantaStor grid.

Nagios Integration

  • Monitoring and metrics platform integration, more information available here.

Avid Media Composer™ + MediaHarmony Configuration Guide

  • An overview of QuantaStor configuration steps for use with Avid.

R1Soft Backup Integration

  • Documentation on how to install the R1Soft Backup Agent

Gladinet Integration

  • Documentation on setting up Gladinet enterprise cloud file storage solution on QuantaStor. Solution is similar to Dropbox.

OpenStack Cinder

  • Documentation on setting up OpenStack Cinder to use the QuantaStor Cinder Driver.

Zabbix Integration

  • Monitoring via the Zabbix platform, more information available here.

HTTP File Access via Apache

  • Overview of how to access your files in your network shares directly via HTTP

Microsoft VSS Provider

  • Plug-in module for Microsoft Virtual Shadow Copy Services (VSS) support

SolarWinds MSP Integration

  • Installation of SolarWinds MSP client into QuantaStor SDS

Dropbox Integration

  • Dropbox based Cloud Containers enable NFS/SMB based access to Dropbox folders via any QuantaStor SDS appliance

Product Support

QuantaStor End User License Agreement (EULA)

The QuantaStor End User License Agreement (EULA) is available in the License Manager of every QuantaStor Appliance when you click the 'Add License' button. A Copy of the QuantaStor EULA is also available here.

QuantaStor Support Guidelines

The guidelines for the QuantaStor support levels and how to contact support are detailed in the Support Guidelines document at the below link. This document is also available on the Contact Support page on the OSNEXUS website.

QuantaStor Support Guidelines

QuantaStor Terms of Support and Maintenance Agreement

The QuantaStor Terms of Support and Maintenance Agreement (Support Agreement) is available on the OSNEXUS Website at the below link.

QuantaStor Terms of Support and Maintenance Agreement

Open Source / 3rd Party Software Licenses

QuantaStor SDS is Linux based and ISO media includes numerous open source packages. These three links provide detail into the open-source copyright notices for all 3rd Party software packages that are included with the QuantaStor SDS v4 ISO.

Open-Source Package Detail for packages included with QuantaStor

Open-Source Packages included with QuantaStor

Open-Source License Summary for included packages

Product Release Change Log and Security Updates

Change Log

  • Details of what features and fixes are included with each QuantaStor release

Security Updates

  • Details of what Linux security updates impact QuantaStor and how to update your appliance

Product Version End-of-life Notifications

  • Details on product version end-of-life dates and notifications


Internal Architecture

  • Covers aspects of the internal architecture of the storage system.

Terms & Definitions

  • Glossary of terms and concepts used in managing various aspects of a QuantaStor storage system.